Adiós Taquile Island

Time to say goodbye to Taquile Island - what a wonderful time we had. A beautiful and peaceful island located on Lake Titicaca in southern Peru. It was well worth the boat ride out and although I did not get the opportunity to enjoy a home-stay here, I’m sure it would be a fantastic experience.Taquile Island and beyond_MG_7217.jpg

Taquile and Titicaca_MG_7222.jpgNo need to oil the gate hinges here!

Taquile Island_MG_7223.jpgNearing the boat dock for our trip back to Puno on the calm Lake Titicaca.Taquile Island_MG_7224.jpg

Taquile Island_MG_7225.jpg Taquile Island_MG_7226.jpg Taquile Island and Lake Titicaca_MG_7227.jpg Taquile Island terraces_MG_7228.jpg Taquile Island_MG_7230.jpg

Taquile Island_MG_7234.jpgA monument on the side of the hill - I’m not sure what it’s significance was and at that moment, there were no locals around to ask.Taquile Island_MG_7235.jpg

Raising sheep is one, if not the most popular, form of farming on the terraces on Taquile Island.Taquile Island_MG_7236.jpgThere is usually a sheep herder in the area - note that the sheep’s front and back legs are tied with a rope - long enough for them to walk slowly but short enough so that they can not run away.Sheep on Taquile Island_MG_7239.jpg

Sheep on Taquile Island_MG_7240.jpgSome Taquile locals taking an afternoon break.Taquile Island_MG_7242_2.jpg

Taquile Island and Lake Titicaca_MG_7245.jpg

Goodbye Taquile Island - I thoroughly enjoyed my time here - time to catch our boat back to the city of Puno and catch the airplane back to Lima from the nearby airport in Juliaca. What a gorgeous island you are - Taquile!Taquile Island and Lake Titicaca_MG_7246.jpg

Day 10 - Friendly Planet - Amazing Peru Tour

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