Taquile Island

Docked at Taquile Island - a tiny island a mere 1.6 km wide and less than 6 kms in length.  It’s easy to walk the entire island in a few hours. We’ll be doing some hiking around the island with a stop for lunch at one of the restaurants.Docking at Taquile Island_MG_7140.jpgGorgeous view from the dock on Taquile Island across Lake Titicaca with Bolivia in the background.Docking at Taquile Island_MG_7139.jpgIt’s a steep climb up 500+ steps to the island’s main plaza where we’ll be spending some time with the locals. The group opted for the long and winding path up instead. Slow and steady along with a handful of aromatic muna leaves (andean mint) given to us by our Friendly Planet local guide - muna is a fantastic herb found on the island that has many medicinal properties - good for stomach aches, colds, breathing issues and issues at high altitude. Taking an occasional sniff of the bunch of the fantastic fragrant herbs definitely helped with the climb up!  Muna magic, I say!Taquile Island_MG_7147.jpg Taquile Island_MG_7150.jpgThe views are spectacular - any which way you look! Tall eucalyptus trees line the banks. Bolivia in the distance. Taquile Island_MG_7154.jpgIt feels like a long way up to the main plaza but it’s a beautiful hike up.Taquile Island_MG_7149.jpgA look back to see where we came from when we docked.

Taquile Island_MG_7157.jpgAbout half way up, we pass under the welcome arch - at least that’s what I’m calling it!Welcome to Taquile Island_MG_7156.jpg Welcome Gate Taquile Island_MG_7155.jpg

Day 10 - Friendly Planet - Amazing Peru Tour

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