Lake Titicaca

12,500 feet above sea level is where you will find Lake Titicaca - one of South America’s largest lakes, if not the largest. At that altitude, Lake Titicaca is also the world’s highest commercially navigable lake!

The storm clouds passed while we were visiting the Uros Islands and now we were headed to islands beyond.  With the gentle rock of the boat coupled with the sun shining on me, I found myself being lulled to sleep but I fought the urge as the trip across Lake Titicaca was scenic - with the shores and gentle rolling hills of Peru on my right and eventually, islands popping up in the far distance. Lake Titicaca_MG_7113.jpgClouds above Lake Titicaca_MG_7125.jpg

Lake Titicaca_MG_7119.jpgLake Titicaca_MG_7117.jpg
Amantani Island - a small island measuring roughly 15 sq kms. in size. I was told that no cars exist on this island and that farm machinery is not allowed so all farming is done by hand! No hotels exist on the island but homestays are becoming popular for tourists wanting to experience the simple life. We would not be stopping at Amantani although I’ve seen travel photos of others who have done a homestay and it looks like it would be a fantastic experience!Amantani Island_MG_7128.jpg
And finally, Taquile Island comes into view - an island some 45 kms from Puno! It’s going to be a wonderful afternoon walking around and spending some time on this island.Taquile Island_MG_7115.jpg

Day 10 - Friendly Planet - Amazing Peru Tour

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