Kamisaraki! Uros Islands, Peru

Uros Islands, Peru - Passing the Uros locals, our boat navigates the narrow passageways as we near a cluster of inhabited reed islands.Uros Islands_Lake Titicaca_MG_7063.jpgSoon a cluster of reed islands come into view and our boat slowly makes its way towards them.Uros Islands_Panorama1.jpg

Uros Islands_Lake Titicaca_MG_7068.jpgAs we step onto the reed island Summa Willjta, we are greeted by a chorus of Kamisaraki - the Quechuan word for hello!Uros Islands Lake Titicaca_MG_7082.jpg

Uros Islands_Lake Titicaca_MG_7065.jpgIt only takes seconds to get accustomed to walking on the squishy islands.  Next we’re invited to have a seat on some benches made of - you guessed it, more reeds - to have a kind of show and tell to learn more about the reed islands, how they are made, and what life is like on the reed islands.  
These islands are made of totora reeds which grow in Lake Titicaca.  The roots of these reeds are so dense and interwoven to form an actual layer that can measure one to two meters in thickness and this natural layer is what supports the islands. To keep the islands from floating out into Lake Titicaca, they are anchored by ropes that are attached to large wooden stakes that are then driven into the bottom of the lake.  The reeds rot quite quickly and therefore, the Uros people must keep adding new layers of the reeds to the tops of the islands. The houses that they build also need constant rebuilding as the rainy season tends to rot the reeds much faster. 
Here is our Show and Tell demonstration about the totora reeds

Show and Tell Uros Islands_MG_7088.jpg 

Show and Tell Uros Islands_MG_7089.jpg The island inhabitants then invited us to have a walk around the island, have a peek inside the huts, try on some of the island’s attire and pose for photos, and, of course, buy some trinkets and/or wall hangings sewn by the locals depicting life on the islands.Uros Islands Lake Titicaca_MG_7084.jpgSolar power exists on the island.  Televisions and radios are abundant and I was told they are hoping to get internet access on the islands in the near future!

Uros Islands Lake Titicaca_MG_7092.jpgTook this reed boat across to another island across this area of water - over to where a restaurant was as well as some home-stay accommodations. A rain storm hit right about this time and the cold driving rain/wind was too much for the two rowers so they enlisted the help of a motorboat to help push this reed boat across to the other side.Uros Islands_MG_7094.jpgFierce!Uros Islands_MG_7083.jpg

A short video clip of a woman from the Uros Islands.

Uros Island Restaurant aka Our Shelter from the Rain!
Uros Island Restaurant_0491.jpg
Reeds, reeds, and more reeds as far as my eyes could see.Uros Islands Lake Titicaca_MG_7097.jpg

Day 10 - Friendly Planet - Amazing Peru Tour

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