Puno (12,421 ft/3,860 m above sea level) - a town of about 100,000 in southeastern Peru located on the shores of Lake Titicaca (the world’s highest commercially navigable lake)  and close to the border of Bolivia. Puno’s high altitude can make for extreme weather conditions with an average temperature year round of 15 C. It definitely was cool and windy during our brief stay. So chilly that I didn’t have the energy to explore the town and chose to hang out near the fireplace in the hotel lounge for the evening. Big day tomorrow on Lake Titicaca.

Two key tourist attractions here at Puno are the Floating Reed Island of the Uros and, of course, Lake Titicaca. We’re catching a boat out to the Uros Islands and later we’ll take the boat further into Lake Titicaca to see the island of Tacquile.Puno_MG_7027.jpg Puno_MG_7028.jpg



Statue of Jesus overlooks Puno.Puno_MG_7033.jpgThe steepness of the hills surrounding Puno makes for difficult road building in some areas of the town -  steep hillside streets are often not paved and not accessible by vehicles in the higher areas of town. Many of the houses appear to be left unfinished - a clever loophole to avoid having to pay taxes! If a home is finished, the occupants must start paying taxes on it so many choose to not finish the top floors of their homes (this is often the case in many countries of the world that I’ve travelled).Puno_MG_7034.jpg

Day 9 - Friendly Planet - Amazing Peru Tour

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