Flamingos - are you kidding?

Rolling hills near Puno, southern Peru.Peru_MG_6996.jpg

Nearing Juliaca in southern Peru, I kept seeing these pinkish dots in the water next to the road we were traveling on. I wasn’t sure what they were but as we kept driving, I kept seeing more and more of them. 
Straining my eyes to figure out what those pink dots are in the water, I finally got a closer look.Peru_MG_6993.jpg



Near Puno_MG_6998.jpg

I could not believe my eyes - I was 12,500 feet (3825 m) above sea level, a warmish day in southern Peru, not too far from Juliaca and there in front of my eyes were flamingos - real live flamingos - Chilean flamingos (phoenicopterus chilensis) to be exact. These birds can be found in Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Argentina and as far east as Brazil. Never would I have guessed that flamingos existed in the altiplano of Peru!Flamingos_MG_7001.jpg

Day 9 - Friendly Planet - Amazing Peru Tour

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