Fast Food Peruvian style?

Peru - About an hour south of La Raya Pass, we stopped for a break and stretched our legs.

We pulled up along side a lady seated at the edge of the road at a table with a colourful blanket-wrapped package. She was selling cooked meat.

 I’m always up for trying something different so for about $1 CDN, I got a bun on a plate with a good-sized chunk of roasted goat meat. It was still hot and turned out to be very delicious.

I’d call this Peruvian slow-cooked fast food!!Roadside Food_MG_6974.jpgUnwrapping the layers of brown paper.Roadside Food_MG_6972.jpgHot and delicious.  Roadside Food_MG_6973.jpg

>Day 9 - Friendly Planet - Amazing Peru Tour

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