Patarashca - definitely delicious

Peru - Still talking about peruvian cuisine, I can’t say enough about one of the most delicious fish dishes I ate while in Peru.

Located in northeastern Peru, just outside of Iquitos in the Amazon, we took a boat ride out to Al Frio y Al Fuego - a floating restaurant on the Itaya River. Upload from July 24, 2011 Upload from July 24, 2011Not only is it a restaurant but there is also a pool attached to it!Upload from July 24, 2011We were invited to watch the chefs prepare our meals.Upload from July 24, 2011I ordered the Patarashca and was not disappointed. It was probably one of the best fish dishes I’ve tasted.  Here they prepare this dish using fresh fish with fresh onions, garlic, tomatoes, and sweet chilies finely chopped and topped with cilantro marinated in extra virgin olive oil, white wine and all wrapped up in a fresh bijao leaf and grilled to perfection.Upload from July 24, 2011 Upload from July 24, 2011 Upload from July 24, 2011 Upload from July 24, 2011YUM - so incredibly tasty!Upload from July 24, 2011After a delicious meal, it was time to board the restaurant’s boat back to Iquitos. An interesting trip back. Halfway back, our boat seemed to lose power. Upload from July 25, 2011

Upload from July 25, 2011It was what I suspected. A lost rudder! Thankfully another boat right behind us towed us back to shore. It was an exciting start to our upcoming riverboat trip along the Amazon!Upload from July 25, 2011

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