Ch-Ch-Ch Churros!

Miraflores, Peru - let me tell you about this tasty place - Manolo - a coffee house, an ice-cream parlour and a restaurant. But what I came here for were the churros! Manolo Churros has been in Lima since the late ‘60’s. Located on a busy street corner on Larco Avenue #608 and Schell in Miraflores, this is a fantastic place to grab a chair on the patio, watch the world go by AND enjoy a hot cup of spanish chocolate and a piping hot churro (or six)! Although I’ve learned that many people begin their day with a cup of hot thick chocolate and churros, I found it was the perfect way to end my day before walking back to the condo near the cliffs of Miraflores overlooking the Pacific Ocean.Upload from July 26, 2011Churros come in several flavours - plain, chocolate-filled, manjar blanco (caramel or dulce-de-leche), vanilla-flavored whipped cream.Upload from July 26, 2011My favourite - the plain!Upload from July 26, 2011And why not enjoy a cup of super hot super rich spanish chocolate - chocolate so thick you can stand your churro in it! Upload from July 26, 2011So then I thought I’d add whipped cream to the mix. Sweet overload but definitely delicious!Upload from July 26, 2011

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Welcome to my travel photo blog. Photography has been a part of my life for a long time – back in the day the Pentax Super Program was always near at hand. But it wasn’t until I started travelling around the world that photography became a vehicle for me to show others about the absolutely amazing and complex world we live in. My hope is to share with you glimpses of what I’ve seen. Enjoy!