Peru - Pisac Market Magic

The Sunday Market in Pisac remains a high tourist draw but maintains its roots to its colonial past.  On Sundays only, Quechuan-speaking campesinos (farmers,peasants) from the neighbouring villages come to Pisac and set up a barter market in the corner of the main square which runs side-by-side to the Pisac market. Some walk up to five hours through the mountains to reach the market. Here they sell their vegetables, fruits and other goods to buy essentials such as sugar, salt, kerosene, medicine but they also trade their agricultural goods to get other foods they need. The barter market closes up earlier - usually around 3 pm - so that the villagers can walk back home before darkness falls. Pisac also holds smaller markets on Tuesday and Thursday.PisacMarket_MG_6085.jpg

PisacMarket_MG_6090.jpgThe produce looks so fresh.  The flowers - so colorful and fragrant.PisacMarket_MG_6093.jpgNo shortage of fruit either. So beautifully displayed.  The large green pod-like fruits in the very bottom left-hand corner of the photo (below) is the Pacay fruit (inga feuillei or guama) - a large podded fruit with big seeds and an edible white pulp.  The pod can range in size from a few inches to a few feet - these were almost 2 feet in length.PisacMarket_00249.jpgThe Pacay fruit is technically a legume (but treated as a fruit) and that means the seeds are encased in pods. You have to crack open the hard shell before you can take out the black seeds which are covered in a soft fuzzy white skin. The fuzzy skin has a sweet and slight nutty flavour  You eat the sweet white flesh off the seeds and discard the seeds. PisacMarket_MG_6076.jpg

Love these tiny bananas - slightly sweet and so delicious.  Mangos - delicious.  Actually, all the fruit I ate while in Peru was delicious!PisacMarket_MG_6079.jpgEvery colour under the sun - Peruvian corn.PisacMarket_MG_6091.jpgHave lamb - will shop!PisacMarket_MG_6083.jpgSo many different styles of hats seen at the market - quite fascinating!PisacMarket_MG_6084.jpg PisacMarket_MG_6096.jpg PisacMarket_MG_6086.jpg

These two girls and their lamb and pup were just the cutest - after parading around the market and posing for tourists, they were tired and taking a break - perhaps discussing business strategy or maybe just some girl talk.
PisacMarket_MG_6114.jpgWhat a decision - fish or chicken?
PisacMarket_MG_6124_2.jpgBig smiles for everyone!
PisacMarket_MG_6133.jpg  PisacMarket_MG_6134.jpgA great day at the Pisac market indeed!

Day 5 - Friendly Planet - Amazing Peru Tour

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