Peru - on the road to Pisac

The magical vistas of the peruvian countryside kept my nose pressed up against the window.  There is beauty at every turn. The road to Pisac was no different.

The Sacred Valley is stunningly beautiful. The valley floor is a gorgeous green and hugs the Urubamba River in this photo. Took a short break on a hill overlooking the tiny village of Taray located just across the river from Pisac.


Taray, Peru - initially I thought the village below was just the expansion of Pisac as it appeared to be new construction.  But I did some research and found that what I was looking at was the rebuilding of Taray - after the devastating mudslide (huayco) and consequent flooding on the night of February 28, 2010.  The mudslide thundered down into the valley and, along with the persistent rains, turned the tributaries into raging torrents of muddy water and rock which wiped out up to 80% of the village. Many lives lost and many lives changed forever. The town continues to rebuild. (I found a spanish video that shows the incredible force of that 2010 mudslide and flooding).

RebuildingTaray_MG_6023.jpg RebuildingTaray_MG_6025.jpg

Some local vendors set up shop along the roadside high on the hills overlooking Taray and Pisac.


SacredValley_MG_6033.jpgWith a smile like that, it’s hard to resist making a purchase BUT I knew that an entire market awaited us below in Pisac.  Tip - if an item absolutely captures your heart and the only reason you’re not buying it is because you think you’ll find it cheaper somewhere else, I’d say buy it when you see it. But it REALLY has to tug on your heart strings.  REALLY HARD!
And nope - didn’t make a purchase THAT time!

One more bend in the road and Pisac comes into view.  What a sight! 

Love, love the terracing above Pisac! One regret - we ran out of time to hike up the hills above Pisac to view Inca ruins surrounded by terraces still cultivated by Pisac farmers. The Pisac ruins form a massive condor on the mountainside.


Beautiful_Pisac_MG_6038.jpgTake a close look at the white ‘roofs’ in the photo.  It’s actually tents sheltering the Pisac Sunday Market from the rain. The market sets up every Sunday (the biggest day), Tuesday and Thursday in the town’s main plaza.  The large tree in the centre of the plaza is a Pisonay tree which is said to be over 400 years old.  Pisonay trees were first cultivated by the Incas, which considered the species sacred.  Many of the plazas of Andean towns have pisonay trees growing in them.

Off to the Sunday Market!


Day 5 - Friendly Planet - Amazing Peru Tour

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