Peru - Searching for a mermaid in the desert oasis

The sand burns the bottom of my feet. The heat rises from the dunes.Huacachina_Dunes_MG_5751.jpg




Colossal sand dunes tower above me and I am surrounded by the genuine desert oasis of Huacachina, Peru. Gorgeous palm trees line this tiny lagoon located in the Ica region of Peru.

Legends abound.  

One tells of a prince and princess that once lived in the region.  After the sudden death of the prince, the princess was inconsolable and wept uncontrollably.  Her tears collected into what is now the lagoon. One day, while relaxing by the lagoon’s edge, the princess was startled by an evil spirit and she dove into the lagoon to escape.  However, she was unable to swim and drowned.  She was never seen again.  To this very day, swimmers are warned against swimming in the lagoon, as the princess wishes to surround herself with others in the watery depths.

Another legend tells of how the lagoon was created - a beautiful princess was startled at the edge of her bath by a stranger. She jumped up, leaving the pool of water that she had been bathing in which became the lagoon.  As she ran away, the folds of her robe became the towering sand dunes which surround the lagoon. Legend holds that the princess lives on in the oasis as a beautiful mermaid.

Huacachina_Oasis_MG_5734.jpgThis tiny oasis is featured on the back of the Peruvian 50 Nuevo Sol note.

Day 3 - Friendly Planet - Amazing Peru Tour

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