Central Bangkok and Lumpini Park

Having enjoyed our short time in the Kanchanaburi district, we’ve headed back to Bangkok to start an 11 day tour of northern and central Thailand with Friendly Planet.

Booked into our centrally located hotel in the main business district - the beautiful Dusit Thani across from Lumpini Park.

Bangkok city lights. Upload from December 11, 2011

Bangkok at dawn.
Upload from December 11, 2011Bangkok up close. Cranes and new construction everywhere you look.Upload from December 11, 2011

Took a Sunday morning stroll around Lumpini Park, a large (56 hectare/142 acre) park located in the central main business district of  Bangkok where you’ll find locals and tourists alike, exercising, strolling, having a picnic with family or friends or renting a boat to paddle around the large artificial lake. It also boasts large open areas, playground areas and shaded areas by the numerous trees. A very relaxing spot away from the hustle and bustle of cental Bangkok.Upload from December 11, 2011

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