Thailand - Erawan Falls

Located about 1.5 hours west of Kanchanaburi is Erawan National Park, a 550 sq km park. One of its many attractions is the well-known Erawan Falls - we hired a driver for the day who took us to a number of sites in the region.

A great workout and trek up to the top of Erawan Falls - seven series of cascading falls into turquoise pools below. A popular thing to do is swim at each of the pools below the falls while tiny fish swim up and nibble at your feet! (No, I didn’t swim, someone had to take the photos!). We managed to complete the trek in three hours - reaching the first two falls was easy walking. The rest of the way was scrambling up/around rocks and boulders and tree roots and crossing over wooden bridges and climbing stairs that sometimes more closely resembled make shift ladders! A great workout in the heat of the hilly forest jungle - around 34C.Upload from December 03, 2011

Upload from December 03, 2011

At specific areas along the path, you will spot certain trees swathed in cloth reminants and ornaments - someone described to to me as something similar to a bodhi tree - tree of enlightenment. Upload from December 03, 2011

Upload from December 03, 2011

For those choosing to take a dip in these pools, a warning to keep an eye out for the monkeys is given as they love to snatch items left on the shore by swimmers. We did not see any monkeys until we started back to the bottom and near this pool was a group of about 10 monkeys - ranging from the tiniest to this one. The little ones were playing in the trees inches from our heads as a couple of larger monkeys relaxed and watched us from their perch. (Kept a tight grip on my camera, though!)Upload from December 03, 2011

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