A little taste of heaven in Thailand

West of Kanchanaburi is an amazing place called Xanadu 2008 - a little slice of heaven in Thailand. Hard to find enough words to describe - wonderful, amazing, incredible ……. I’m loving it. A quiet and relaxing spot, and out of this world amazingly fantastic food not to mention the wonderfully kind, attentive and helpful owners Dennis and Nee.

Calling this home for three days before heading off for a tour of central and north Thailand.

Upload from November 30, 2011

A heavenly spot on the terrace overlooking the briskly flowing River Kwai.Upload from November 30, 2011

Upload from November 30, 2011

Upload from November 30, 2011

Night time is gorgeous at Xanadu - stars twinkle in the sky above as the sounds of crickets lull you to sleep as you sit in the lounger next to the pool just up from the river. Candles flicker throughout the yard. Definitely a peaceful setting.Upload from December 02, 2011

Let me mention this again - the food is fantastic. Chef Nee is fantastic. And yes, Dennis is a fantastic host as well! A garden filled with fruit trees and a fantastic herb garden definitely add to the freshness and quality of the food.

These vegetable egg rolls are simply delicious! (Found an online post from Arlene Coco, an online food blogger (amongst many other things) with the recipe listed here.) Upload from November 30, 2011

The chicken satay smelled so incredibly good that it wasn’t until I had already started eating that I realized I hadn’t taken a photo! (note empty spot on plate at left). The sauce is sooooo delicious!Upload from November 30, 2011

And the many curries on the menu are equally delicious!Upload from December 02, 2011

Upload from December 02, 2011

Upload from December 02, 2011

So if you’re ever in Thailand and wish to find a slice of heaven, consider Xanadu 2008. You won’t be disappointed.

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