Thailand is calling!

Thailand is calling! I’ve been to the SE Asia region before but not to Thailand so I’m looking forward to the next six weeks.

Left Edmonton for Thailand via Vancouver and Tokyo.

Flights were all good except we missed the connection in Tokyo along with about 20 others by half an hour. Apparently strong headwinds are what Air Canada said was the cause as to why we arrived late in to Tokyo. But in a very organized fashion by the Air Canada reps in Tokyo, we were all put up in a hotel, given meal vouchers and calling credits and a flight out the next day on Thai Air.

Arrived mid afternoon in Bangkok. As we flew in, I couldn’t help but notice the vast amount of water covering the suburbs and outlying areas - it was hard to comprehend that there could be so much water.
By the time we checked into our tiny hotel (Hansaah) in downtown Bangkok, it was dark so we went for a walk down the narrow street we’re located on in search of Thai food. Didn’t have to walk far - found a tiny restaurant with amazing food. I can’t forsee any weight loss on this trip!

Day 4 - Nixed plans on taking the train out of Bangkok to the Kanchanaburi district, a few hours west of Bangkok. The train station was currently moved further west due to the flooding in that region so we hired a cab to take us to Kanchanaburi directly. Thought we would get out of Bangkok with ease but it was not to be. Tried one route only to have to turn around as it was impassable and tried another road. It seemed fine for awhile - the eastbound lane was very flooded while our westbound lanes seemed OK for a while. And before we knew it, we too were dealing with the floods. Our driver did his best to stay in the shallowest lane however big trucks in the next lane would send massive waves towards us - hearing the swishing of the waves hitting the bottom of the car was rather disconcerting. The final kilometer was almost too much for our car - our fears mounting that our engine would soon stall due to water getting in it and we’d be stuck in knee-deep brown water if it stalled. I was certain the water would soon start coming in through the doors but we managed to keep dry! 

Upload from November 30, 2011

It was heartbreaking to see the hardworking locals dealing with this crisis. Some side streets had people wading through waist-deep flood waters. And yet some areas of the city were completely dry. After driving for about 5 kms. through the water, the road ahead finally cleared and we were able to continue west with a huge sigh of relief - albiet a sputtering car for the next few kms.

Upload from November 30, 2011

Looking forward to a relaxing time near Kanchanaburi - booking into a spot along the River Kwai.

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