Cusco - La Catedral

Located just off of Plaza de Armas in the historic center of Cusco is La Catedral - it took almost 100 years to build, starting in 1559. It was built on the former site of Viracocha Inca’s palace using blocks that were pilfered from the nearby Inca site of Sacsaywaman. The cathedral is joined by churches on either side, Iglesia de Jesus Maria (1733) on the left and Iglesia del Triunfo (1536) on the right.  The cathedral houses some of the city’s greatest repositories of colonial art. To the right of the main alter of La Catedral you will find a famous painting by Quechua artist Marcos Zapata - his version of the Last Supper (peruvian style) - the apostles are drinking chicha (fermented maize beer) and eating cuy (guinea pig).

La Catedral_Cuscu.jpg La Catedral_Cusco_MG_6722.jpg La Catedral_Cusco.jpg

La Catedral Close_Cusco.jpg

A closer look at the churches on either side of the cathedral - here is the main entrance to Iglesia de Jesus Maria (and also where one enters to tour all three churches or to purchase the boleto turístico). This is the ‘tourist ticket’ that allows a person into numerous places of interest in and around Cusco and the Sacred Valley. You need the ticket to get into many of the churches and museums including La Catedral.

Iglesia de Jesus Maria_MG_6827.jpg Iglesia de Jesus Maria_MG_6828.jpg

Below is the front of Iglesia del Triunfo.

Iglesia del Triunfo_MG_6797.jpg

I spotted this inscription to the right of the main entrance to Triunfo. Hmm, what does it say?

Inscription Iglesia del Triunfo_MG_6797.jpg

Day 7 & 8 - Friendly Planet - Amazing Peru Tour

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