Coricancha and Santo Domingo Church and Convent

On the morning of our first full day of being in Cusco, we went for a walking tour of the area with Roni, our Friendly Planet host. We toured by the various landmarks in historic Cusco and returned the next day on our own to explore the colonial Santo Domingo Church and Convent and Coricancha (Quri Kancha in the Quechua language meaning Golden Courtyard) located at Plaza Intipampa, corner of Avenida El Sol and Calle Santo Domingo. Coricancha was once the richest temple in the Inca empire with gold-plated walls inlaid with precious stones; all that remains is the fine Inca stonework.  

The Santo Domingo Church and Convent was built in the 17th century on the foundations of the Coricancha. Below, Santo Domingo Church with the Temple of the Sun visible on the right. This curved 6 metre high wall has withstood all the violent earthquakes that have shook and leveled most of Cusco’s colonial buildings in the past.Santa Domingo_MG_6701.jpg.Cusco Santa Domingo_MG_6823.jpg

Santa Domingo_MG_6692.jpg

Santa Domingo_MG_6816.jpgA decorated cross outside the side entrance to the Santo Domingo Church and Convent.Santa Domingo_MG_6696.jpg

Santa Domingo INTI_MG_6696.jpgEntered the Coricancha courtyard. Large paintings lined the walls of this courtyard and filled a gallery located at the back of this courtyard.

Qorikancha_MG_6809.jpgToured the beautiful grounds and gardens. Beautiful view of Cusco from the south end of Coricancha.Cusco_view from Santa Domingo_MG_6810.jpg

Qorikancha_MG_6817.jpg Qorikancha_MG_6819.jpg Qorikancha_MG_6820.jpg


Day 7 & 8 - Friendly Planet - Amazing Peru Tour

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