Cusco - beautiful people

Spent a couple of days walking and exploring Cusco. I first saw this elderly woman around Plaza de Armas and after passing by her numerous times in the area, I stopped and asked if I could take her photo. I’m sure if I knew the spanish language fluently, she’d have a million stories she could tell me. (Loved the yarn and needle on the hat - decorative or of use?)Woman at the Plaza_MG_6733.jpg

Cusco Woman Close_MG_6735.jpgA block from Plaza de Armas we met this charming gentleman - we were sitting on a bench watching the world go by and spotted this fellow down the street.  I pulled out my camera (because I had just spotted this amazing blue building!) and I think he spotted the camera. He made his way over to us, pointing to the camera and then to himself so I took the photo. And then he reached out his hand! And then I dug into my pocket for some change! Cusco Man by Plaza de Armas 00396.jpgThis fine street musician was seated on a tiny stool along Loreto Street, now called Intik’ijllu, a Quechua name meaning ‘the narrow way of the sun’. This narrow street near Plaza de Armas is a pedestrian-only street lined with stone walls laid down in Inca times. A fine musician this gentleman was!Cusco musician_MG_6714.jpg

Cusco street musician_MG_6714.jpgAnd the next day, I found myself walking up Intik’ijllu Street (also known as Loreto) and this same street musician was at his usual spot along the sidewalk, this time playing a melodic tune on his flute. Cusco Musician 0445.jpg

Day 7 & 8 - Friendly Planet - Amazing Peru Tour

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