Knock Knock Who's There?

Virtually everyone in Malta has a door knocker and rarely, did it seem, did I see duplicate knockers.

This is my absolute favorite knocker I saw in Malta’s capital city, Valletta (recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1980) which contains buildings from the 16th century onwards. I tried to imagine how long ago it had been fastened to that crumbling wooden door and whose hands had touched that knocker and entered within over the many years. And because I’ve always loved rust and peeling paint, I love this knocker!

                                                                                  More door knockers around Malta.

Doorknocker5_IMG_1017.jpg Doorknocker2_IMG_0966_1.jpg Doorknocker6_IMG_1016_1.jpg Doorknocker3_IMG_0944_1.jpg

                                                                                     and one last intriguing knocker…… 


Sometimes when I walked around the streets of Malta, I wondered how people found a particular home as not all had a door number assigned to them. Many had their own name or initials handcrafted into some artsy wall plate or some type of adornment attached to the wall beside the door of the home. Although too numerous to photograph here is a sampling - many having some religious significance to the homeowner.

DoorAdornment1_IMG_0958_1.jpg DoorAdornment2_IMG_0939_1.jpg 

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