The 'island of honey'

A visit to the island which the Greeks called Melite (meaning honey-sweet) or Malta, as it is known today, was a sweet trip! This small island, measuring about 300 sq. km. is located about 90 km south of Sicily.  For its size, it’s considered one of Europe’s most densely populated countries yet it certainly didn’t feel crowded to me at all.

This was the view of Valletta across the way from our hotel, along the Tigne Seafront in Sliema. 


Because of its size, it was so easy to explore what seemed like every inch of the island in the ten days there.  Much of it is very walkable but if you don’t feel like walking, catch one of the many buses that travel the island.  They’re everywhere. 


Did I mention that Malta is predominently Catholic? And they personalize their buses.  Jesus, the virgin Mary, and the driver’s favorite sports team’s flag go along with you for the ride.


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