The house my grandfather and his family built.....

Waaaaaaaaaay back in the late 30’s, my grandfather and his family ventured out to the prairies, settling in central Alberta on a farm.  A farm without a house. So he moved his family (wife and 9 children) into a 14 x 14 hut on the farm (which in a previous life had been a chicken coop).  Speaking to my father recently, he laughed as he mentioned that it was so tiny that some of the children slept under the table!

But my grandfather had big plans for his family home.  So he, his wife and their children built the home of their dreams.  No more sleeping under the table.

In the mid 40’s, my grandfather moved his family closer to the town (and built another home) and so this house stood empty for some time. That was until my father married and he and my mother moved back to the home that he had helped build some 14 years earlier.  They remained there until the early 60’s, selling the farm and moving out just before I was born.

The house my grandfather and his family built has now stood empty for many years.  




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