Valletta - a perfect spot for relaxation

Valletta, Malta’s capital is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is probably one of Malta’s main tourist attractions.  This city is filled with cafes and wine bars along with the very majestic St John’s Co-Cathedral. I would describe Valletta’s architecture as baroque in style.  

Although a busy place during the day, Valletta tends to slow for the night.  A great place to people watch and enjoy a cappuccino is at the famous Cordina Cafe located in Queen’s Square(formerly Victoria Square) on Republic Street. There is a large outdoor seating area (if you can get a spot) in the square where one can just sit back and enjoy the scenery. By the way, the pastries and ice-creams were pretty good too!

Valletta’s myriad of tiny stores and the very narrow streets create a labyrinth of places to explore.  Although this may be a downside for some, I loved ‘hiking’ some of its steep side streets.   

Side street with tiny shops.


A narrow street in Valletta.

I loved the architecture.

WIth all its cafes and shops and easy access with the bus terminal just outside the gates, Valletta was a relaxing spot.

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