Big Dome - Big Bomb

Rotunda (Church of St. Mary’s), located in Mosta, central Malta has quite the history and is known for it’s magnificent dome. It’s massive unsupported dome, measuring 40 meters in diameter is the third largest in all of Europe, superseded only by St Peter’s Basilica in Rome and the St Sophia in Istanbul.

But perhaps it’s better known for that time back in 1942 (WWll) when the church filled during Mass took a direct hit from a German bomb. The church was filled with over 300 people at the time when a 200 kg bomb pierced the dome and fell to the floor……..but it failed to explode. It was removed and diffused and amazingly, no one was hurt. Could it have been a miracle? Many believe so. There is now a replica of this bomb inside the church’s sacristy.

Mosta_Rotunda_IMG_1757.jpg Mosta_Rotunda _IMG_1742.jpg Mosta_Rotunda_IMG_1746.jpg Mosta_Rotunda_IMG_1745.jpg

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