Asti Guesthouse in Valletta

Asti Guesthouse, Valletta - what can I say?  A charming B&B located at the top of the amazing stone staircase that is St. Ursula Street and only a 3-5 minute walk from the Bus Terminus at Valletta.  Asti Guesthouse is located in a converted 350 year-old convent so if you’re looking for hi-tech conveniences, this place isn’t for you. My stay in Malta was about ten days in length so I first spent 5 days in Sliema at Hotel Marina with fantastic views of Manoel Island and Valletta across the water and later spent the last 5 days in Valletta at Asti Guesthouse (having read so many positive reviews from other travelers).  In her late 70’s or early 80’s, Annie is the very energetic and tiny,charming manager/owner of the guesthouse. 

The entrance to Asti Guesthouse located on St. Ursula Street.


The foyer of the Asti Guesthouse is beautiful - high vaulted ceilings, gorgeous thick limestone walls and decorated with various styles of chandeliers (which, Annie told me, her dear husband who has since passed on, built himself).  
Asti Guesthouse comes complete with breathtaking character found in its thick interior limestone walls.
AstiGuestHouse_IMG_1532.jpg AstiGuestHouse_IMG_1534.jpg 
Asti Guesthouse has eight very clean rooms spread over several floors.  The rooms have in-room hand-wash basins but have very clean shared bathroom facilities on each floor.  (It’s almost like having your own facilities - only a couple of rooms per shared bathroom - nice modern and clean hot showers etc.).  Annie prides herself in keeping her guesthouse very clean.
Annie will do her utmost to make your stay a comfortable one - even rising early to prepare your breakfast which is always served in the gorgeous dining room with high vaulted ceilings complete with this very large chandelier - again, designed and built by Annie’s late husband.
Looking down St Ursula Street from outside Asti’s entrance.
One of the charming balconies in Valletta.Valletta_IMG_1417.jpg 

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