Save for circumstance....

I was walking along the street and passed right by this alley. But something caught my attention and I retraced my last few steps. 


A Homeless Man

When compared to mine, his dreams are very humble
he does not seek much out of life at all
A small flat he could call his home to live in
compared to most his wishes seem quite small
At sixty-seven years he’s on the street and homeless
a winter dawn is breaking cold and gray
With a long gray beard and looking thin and shabby
he walks uptown as he does every day.

Some may say at his age he should not be homeless
that life’s many chances he left them go by
But they don’t know him or his circumstances
he is a person just like you and I
So many of us lacking in compassion
beyond our own selves we can’t seem to see
We applaud the wealthy, see them as successful
and condemn all of those in poverty.

Where did he sleep last night? the thought just chills me
perhaps on a park bench in the park nearby
I feel so lucky I’ve a warm home to go to
and a comfortable bed on which to lie
Save for circumstance his lot in life might have been my lot
his life story must be one of living hell
But who knows if there is a life hereafter
his soul may go to live where angels dwell.

A wintery dawn above the city breaking
and the nip of winter in the morning air
And a homeless man uptown is slowly walking
a gray bearded man with long gray straggly hair
There’s many more like him around this city
people like him nowadays no longer rare
And when compared to him I feel I have been lucky
and by circumstance I have been treated fair.

 - Poem by Francis Duggan

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