Not just mosaics at the Bardo

Mosaics aren’t the only thing on display at the Bardo Museum on the outskirts of Tunis, Tunisia.  Stone carvings, marble statues  and brilliant tile work add to the multitude of mosaics.

I’ve always loved the carvings of The Three Graces, 3rd Century AD  - Euphrosyne, Aglaea and Thalia symbolizing beauty, grace and wisdom  (the daughters of Zeus and Eurynome). 



Apollo, 2nd Century AD - marble statuary


Minerva, 2nd Century AD


This bust of Venus was found among the treasures of a sunken Roman ship off the coast of Mahdia, Tunisia.  It is said that Roman villas in northern Africa were anticipating a ship full of Greek art but it never arrived.


Traditional Islamic Courtyard within the Bardo, Husseinite style, 19th Century and some close-ups of the tile work.

Bardo_IMG_0505.jpg Bardo_tilesIMG_0498.jpg Bardo_tilesIMG_0497_.jpg

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