A funny thing happened on the way to the pool.....

We arrived to Tunisia very late at night and after finding that our luggage had not followed us, we headed out to Hammamet, 60 kms southeast of the capital. This was my first trip overseas so everything seemed new to me.  Should I be worried as our taxi driver veered from lane to lane on the highway?  I think he’s speeding - ALOT. What happened to the luggage? We arrive at the hotel and there’s hardly a light on.  The driver honks and the guard opens the gate to the hotel compound.  The hotel appears closed but there is a gentleman who greets us at the front door and escorts us up to our room with the light of his flashlight in hand.  He assures me the luggage will arrive tomorrow. “Have a good night’s rest,” he says and closes the door.  I take note of the Fire Evacuation Plan on the back side of the door and notice that the room next door is an office. That’s weird, I remember thinking.  Why an office on the top floor?  The flight and the wild ride with the taxi leaves me exhausted and I fall asleep almost instantly.

But somewhere in the night, I’m awakened by something striking my leg and a thud on the floor.  I bolt up in bed, my heart thumping and find the light switch next to the bed.  The wall sconce has fallen off the wall, bounced off the nightstand hitting my leg and falling to the floor.  OK - SO NOW I’M PARANOID! No luggage, the light sconce falling - I’m convinced the office next door has a small camera linked through the wall sconce fixture and is taping the goings-on in this room.  The rest of the night is a restless sleep.

I wake up, still feeling exhausted but am looking forward to getting my luggage AND using the pool - the one I SAW in the photo of the hotel. I sauntered over to the window and was……….stunned. I could not believe my eyes.


This was NOT the pool that I saw in the photos of the hotel website. My mind was reeling from everything that had happened in the past few hours and now this. I wasn’t a seasoned traveler at all but remembered having read about how things aren’t always as shown and this totally seemed to prove that.

We headed downstairs to the dining room for breakfast.  I chose the empty table by the window.  The table by the window that overlooked a pool - a beautiful pool. I’m sure I had a very puzzled look on my face. What had I just seen minutes earlier from my balcony?  Well…..as it turned out, the scene from my balcony was actually a hotel under construction next door!  

This was the pool that belonged to the hotel we were at! I laugh to this day about the many thoughts that had gone through my head that first morning in Tunisia.


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