Everything White and Blue

What led me to go to Tunisia initially was a single photograph - in a travel brochure. The building was glistening white with beautiful blue doors. The photo was gorgeous. I thought it must be somewhere in Greece. As I had a closer look at the brochure, I realized it was not Greece but rather Tunisia in northern Africa.  I immediately wanted to go to see the place in the photo.

I found the exact place as I had seen in the photograph.


The town is Sidi Bou Said and the place in the photo is now Cafe Sidi Chabaane. Sidi Bou Said is a quaint, all blue and white town. Just some 20 kms from the nation’s capital, Tunis.  A walk along the narrow cobblestone streets revealed a sea of white and blue - beautiful white homes and shops with blue window grills, blue shutters and blue doors - decorated in a multitude of black patterned rivets and door knockers.



Often the entire door does not open - a smaller door is part of the larger door which requires a person to stoop when entering.


and some doors, although devoid of ornamentation, were still so incredibly beautiful to me. I sit and wonder about the amazing  stories this door would have if it could speak. 


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Welcome to my travel photo blog. Photography has been a part of my life for a long time – back in the day the Pentax Super Program was always near at hand. But it wasn’t until I started travelling around the world that photography became a vehicle for me to show others about the absolutely amazing and complex world we live in. My hope is to share with you glimpses of what I’ve seen. Enjoy!